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Alarm Systems

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Our alarm systems have the finest equipment available to the Security market. We are proud to use some of the largest companies that provide alarm systems in the industry.  Companies like 2Gig, Honeywell, GE, and DSC provide the majority of alarm systems to the market.  These companies also provide service and support to us as a dealer so we can provide the technical knowledge and expertise you expect from an alarm professional.

The backbone of all of our equipment is has been the leader for over 7 years in the industry in providing cellular apps available on both IOS and Android.  Their many patents and innovations have led the industry for years and their integration into the largest number of leading alarm systems keeps them #1 in the world.

Take a look at just a few of the alarm system products and services we below. The possibilities for application are almost endless!


Our Alarm Solutions

Citywide Alarms utilizes several different alarm system solutions ranging across all leading manufacturers.
From small locations to large complexes, our solutions are guaranteed to exceed your expectations in every way.


2GIG, a brand of Nortek Security & Control, has responded to trends and consumer demands with GO!Control – the first self-contained security and automation system. Complete with a color touch screen, GSM radio and Z-Wave chip, GO!Control is the most advanced system on the market. Through a partnership with, consumers can control their system from their smartphone or the internet!

Alarm Systems
Alarm Systems
Alarm Systems

When You Need It Most

When a fire broke out in Benjamin’s house, his system immediately sent him a text message alerting him that the smoke detector was going off and giving him time to save his beloved dogs within minutes. In Benjamin’s words – “The system worked the time it needed to work.”

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