7 Business Security Ideas


It is important to secure your business to protect your valuables that include your products and your valuables that are in the safe. Now, with the technological advances, some people are actually stealing personal information of customers to create havoc by stealing their identity and using it for their own profit. There are some things you can do that are quite easy to protect your business and all of your items inside your building.

Secure Your Access Points

secure access points

Everyone knows to secure all of the doors and windows to a business with strong locks to deter thieves from forcing them open. However, did you realize that some crooks would enter your building from air vent outlets? These should also be secured with a locking system, even though it may look small. A thief can open the air vent outlet from outside and then remove enough of the wall that it is in to slide inside. The windows and doors are more secure if you have security bars installed on them. The bars are so small that a burglar will just find another business to break into, as they can’t fit through the bars for access to the inside. If you keep a sizeable amount of money in the safe overnight or your products you sell are valuable, you may also consider installing bulletproof glass.

Lock up Those Valuables

lock up valuables

Even your computer servers qualify as a valuable. It can be very costly to replace one with all of the information on it and it has your customer and vendors information on it. Lock up your valuables including your safe or vault and expensive products in a room that has no window. An interior room in the center of your business works well for this application. This room should have a high-end security door along with a keypad entry lock. Only a few people in your company should have access to the code to enter this room.


Light up the Exterior

exterior lightning

Security lighting is extremely important for a business. It is especially so in the winter months when there are more hours of darkness each day. Your lighting needs to be effective in the parking lot of your business and near all of the cameras on the exterior that make up your security system. A CCTV with infrared lighting will be picked up by your security cameras, but it is not seen by the naked eye. This means that your security team that monitors your business can see the intruders but your intruders won’t realize it.

All Weather Cameras

all weathered security camera

Security cameras are not all made the same. If you live in a cold climate where it snows in the winter, consider all weather cameras. All weather cameras usually include high-resolution video and night vision with varying ranges in a weather resistant housing. This can step up your security measures for your business no matter how unpredictable the winter winds, cold, snow and storms are.

Do a Perimeter Check

fenced perimeter check

If you have fenced in property or are protected by any type of gate, you should check the perimeter several times per year. When each of the four seasons changes, check fencing and any other items such as trees or shrubs around your business. Depending on the weather, you may have fallen limbs that break your fencing or a huge buildup of leaves in the fall that cover areas around your building. Large branches or piles of leaves can provide an intruder hiding places to gain access to your business and all your valuables inside.

Set Your Clocks

set your clock

We’ve all heard the sentence for daylight savings time of “Spring forward and Fall Back” for the times to set your clocks either forward or backward one hour. Did you know that if your camera footage has the wrong time on it when you have a court case to prosecute a burglar, the court can throw out the entire camera footage because it is compromised? That’s why it is important to change your clocks and all of your security equipment at the same time.

Add an Alarm System with Monitoring

home alarm security

This is one of the best security measures you can take to protect your business. If you don’t have an alarm system with monitoring, you may think you don’t need one because you haven’t been broken into before. The reality is that you haven’t been broken into yet. The inconvenience of having to file insurance claims and then replace all of your stolen belongings is more of a headache than just biting the bullet and getting an alarm system.

Contact a professional to find out about the different types of security systems available from the simple to the most technologically advanced.

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