7 Reasons You Should Shut Your Windows When You Are Gone?

Many homeowners have never heard that you need to shut your windows on a nice day when they leave their home for a quick trip to the gas station or a corner store. This is the only opening a criminal needs in order to invade your home and steal your feeling of security.  3M Window Film Can Also be a Lifesaver.

Do You Leave Your Windows Open When You Leave Your Home?

When the weather is nice outside, you tend to not shut your windows and let in some air in their homes. However, this greatly increases your chances of burglary. Criminals always look to find a house that appears the easiest to break into and get away from after they commit a crime.

Home Burglary Facts and Your Windows

  1. Most burglars will spend no more than one minute trying to break into a home.
  2. Burglars are typically in a home less than five minutes once they are inside.
  3. If you don’t shut your windows it is likely a sign that they can gain entry easily. Burglars only need to pull the screen off and slide the window open large enough to enter your home. Unless of course, you have a “casement window” (My Favorite Naturally Secure Window)
  4. Most burglaries gain access from the rear of a home or the side where they are least likely to be seen from the street.
  5. Many times, a home without a security alarm system will be robbed once, and then the burglar waits for a period of time when he thinks that the stolen items are replaced.The burglar will again invade the home and take the items again but this time not even bothering looking for an open window but breaking the glass, (Unless it Has 3M Safety Film to Stop Them) unlocking, and sliding open any window he desires because they know they are not going to be caught because an alarm never went off the last time they broke in.
  6. The most common windows left open in a home are in the master bedroom. 90% of what a burglar looks for is in that one room.
    • Money
    • Jewelry
    • Laptops/Computers
    • Prescription Drugs
    • Guns
    • Extra House Keys or Car Keys
  7. Most home burglaries occur on the ground floor for easy access to a ranch home as it provides a larger platform for break-in opportunities. Multiple story homes also require some special safeguards. Such as:
  • A devious criminal may attempt to climb a tree. Be sure limbs have been trimmed to deny access to the second story or call your home security specialist to see what necessary requirements are needed to secure the windows in these areas.
  • Ladder access is almost always with the homeowner’s own ladder so be sure they are in a garage or chained down to prevent their theft or use in a burglary on your own home.
  • Lattice is another way to gain access to an upper floor window that is open. Be sure to shut your windows on any second story home with an alarm if your latticework provides this access.

Home Security Systems and Tips for Windows

Attach all of the windows in your home to a central home alarm system. If anyone tampers with a window, you will receive notification immediately and the police will too.  Wooden dowels can block horizontal doors and windows so they will not open. Frame pins keep vertical sliding windows from opening.

If you don’t shut your windows when leaving your home for ventilation, only open it a maximum of six inches and block it with a dowel so it can’t be opened all the way. Make certain that an intruder is not able to remove the dowel from outside your home.

Smartest Alarm Systems

The Smartest Alarm systems for your home and valuables allows you to view live streaming video outside your entire home in daylight or complete darkness.  Watching the perimeter of your home allows you to notice anyone suspicious that may be checking out windows of your home for a burglary.  This will help identify windows burglars have looked in so you can be sure they are secure.

Should someone gain access to the inside of your home you can communicate with an intruder from your smartphone, tablet or computer at any time.  Your ability to describe your invader in detail will usually startle the boldest of burglars, especially when you tell them this video feed is going to the police.  It can send you either email or text alerts when motion is detected that activates these interactive video cameras.

You can see, hear and speak to anyone that is at your door through a video doorbell. It has a motion sensor, live video feeds and night vision so you can see who is at the door at all times.  If someone shows up at your door after a delivery you know it right away and can interact with them to be sure your package is safe and keep track of anyone close to windows in the front of the house.

Remember that a window that is secured with dowels or locks must be easy to unlock for a safe exit in the case of an emergency. Make sure all family members are educated on an emergency escape route. Home security systems and 3M Safety Film are the best options to take when defending your home’s windows.




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