These home security tips, if utilized, makes your home safe from crime, and then you can have peace of mind for your entire family. It is essential to learn some home security tips to secure your home and deter burglars, armed bandits, and other intruders.

deadbolts to doors

Tip # 1: Add Deadbolts to Doors to your list of Home Security Tips

Criminals often use the exterior doors on a home to gain access. A door that is not very secure can be pried open or kicked in. The addition of deadbolts to all the exterior doors makes it much safer than a spring latch lock. Make certain when the deadbolts are installed that there is little or no space between the door and the frame. This would result in someone still being able to open the door with a prybar. Check for the gaps with a flashlight to examine them closely. If you do have spaces, use plywood or metal sheets for reinforcement.

Tip # 2: Check Your Hinges

Examine your exterior doors from the outside of your house. Make certain that the hinges are not visible or accessible from the outside. If a crook can access your hinges from outside, it only takes a few minutes with a screwdriver to remove all of the hinges and the door and gain access to your home. Remove all hinges on the exterior of your doors and reinstall them on the inside of your home so that the hinge pins are only accessible from inside.

Tip # 3: Add Door Armor as One of Your Home Security Tips

door armor

You can also add door amour kits with longer screws than the ones that originally came with your door hardware, heavy duty strike plates for your handles and deadbolts and metal framing designed to go around the hinge and handle/lock hardware for extra strength.

Tip # 4: Securing Sliding Doors

If you have sliding doors, secure them with a metal bar in the bottom track of the doors. This prevents someone from opening the door with great force and breaking the initial lock that comes with the doors.

Tip # 5: Secure Your French Doors

French doors are a beautiful addition to your home; however, they are targeted by a criminal to initiate a “kick-in burglary”. Add a security bar to your French doors. It may detract from the nice appearance, but you will only need to put it in place when everyone is leaving the house.

Tip # 6: Lock Down Your Windows

window security

You can secure the windows that you have in your home with aftermarket window locks. They keep someone from forcing a window open to gain access to your home. The locks come in a variety of styles, so you need to know what types of windows you have. Window styles are double hung, sliding or casement windows that are also called crank windows.

Tip # 7: One of our Best Home Security Tips is to Add Security Film

Add security film to your windows and doors on the glass. Intruders will not likely see it, but it prevents your windows and glass from being kicked in. Get the thickest film possible for the best home security.

Tip # 8: Make Your Home Look Occupied

A burglar is less likely to invade a home that is occupied. They have no idea what they would be getting into after they are inside your home. Put lights on a timer in different rooms so it looks as if someone is home. You can leave a television on also because they create light and seem to suggest someone is home.

Tip # 9: Get a Dog

dog in the house

A dog, no matter what size, is one of my favorite home security tips and can make a burglar leave your home alone and go elsewhere. The success of a crime depends on not being detected while in the process. A barking dog will attract attention from neighbors if it is outside or can deter someone from breaking in your home if they are barking inside.

Tip # 10: Invest in a Home Security System

The very best deterrent to a criminal is to have a home security system that is monitored 24/7. We have all seen the old movies where the criminals cut the wiring outside and the system doesn’t work. That is not a reality these days with newer systems that don’t having wiring that can be tampered with.

Following these suggestions can keep your home and family safe and secure without the worry of a break in of any type.

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