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CA Jones Inc and Citywide Alarms

To make your Smart Home choices easy to understand and order CA Jones Inc and Citywide Alarms have partnered up to provide these solutions.  Citywide Alarms fills your modern Home Security needs with the industry’s Smartest Home Alarm system available.  Powered by,  you will not only feel secure but also have the Smart Home features you have dreamed of.  Please look at the list of features available to your family and choose the package that best suits your needs.  Additional products can easily be added to any of the listed packages.

Smart Door Lock

  • Keyless Entry
  • Remote Access with your Smartphone
  • Up to 30 different User Codes from thousands of possibilities
  • Digital Keypad

Smart Thermostat

  • Automatically lowers or raises temperature when you leave
  • Raises/Lowers temperature as you are heading home
  • One app controls your Thermostat and all of your other Smart Home Features
  • Remote access to your Thermostat while at the store or on vacation

Smart Garage Door

  • Never worry if you left and your Garage Door is still Open
  • App can control multiple Garage Doors
  • Set Scenes so your lights come on inside and outside your home when you Open your Garage Door with the app
  • Notification to your app if the Garage Door is opened while the house is Alarmed

Skybell Video Doorbell

  • Motion Activated Video Doorbell sends live video to your smartphone
  • You can hold conversations with anyone on your doorstep
  • 720p camera ensures great picture quality without sacrificing speed
  • Works inside of your Alarm app so one app runs everything

Indoor Interactive Video Camera

  • Great Motion Activated Video when someone steps into the range of the camera…even if its dark in your home
  • Interactive feature allows you to talk and hear whoever is inside of your home
  • Cloud Storage Assures access to any video recorded throughout the day
  • Phone app lets you see and hear everything inside of your home, anywhere you have cell service

Outdoor Motion Activated IR Camera

  • Outdoor Cameras that detect and record motion up to 75 feet away
  • Infrared capabilities find an intruder even on the darkest of nights
  • Watch live in one app to see what your camera sees
  • Water and Weather proof

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