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Smart Home Alarms


Smart Home Security give you the ability to control your alarm on the move wherever you go. Get instant alerts, arm your system on the go, and always be in control. All in one App for total control.




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Smarter Energy Control


A Smart Thermostat in your home can help save the average homeowner save up to 20% on their energy bills. This is one of the most popular features that Citywide Alarms customers benefit from in their home security.

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Smart Garage Door Protection

The smart garage door control feature notifies you if the garage door is left open. It uses Geo-Fencing technology to alert the homeowner so that you can completely secure your home.

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Smartest Home Control


Smartest Home Control gives you the ability to have an extra layer of home security along with many home automation features. Never forget to lock the doors again with our Smart Door Locks. This product gives the homeowner the highest levels of home security with the newest home automation features.

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Video Monitoring on the Go


Citywide Alarms Video Monitoring solution allows you to view live streaming video remotely using any smartphone, tablet or computer. You will be notified if there is any motion detected in or around your home.

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Citywide Alarms is best known as the top rated home security company in St Louis, MO. We are committed to providing a more powerful and safer home, keeping us on the cutting-edge of our industry. We use products like Smart Garage Door Modules, Video Doorbells, Infrared Cameras and Touch Screen Alarm Panels.

As more customers become knowledgeable about Smart Home Alarm Systems and Smart Home Automation Systems, they desire these high tech services be integrated into a single app for easier control and maximum security protection. With over 7 years of alarm and home security experience, we constantly seek out new opportunities to expand our services to meet these new customer demands.

Our goal at Citywide Alarms is to meet and exceed any new security challenge that presents itself. We pride ourselves in offering incredible service during installation and throughout the years we protect your home.


Smart Video Doorbell

Always know who is at your door with our new video doorbell.

  • Live video
  • Live audio
  • Motion video recordings


Window Film

Another layer of home security protection to prevent burglaries from occurring.

  • Instantly shatterproof
  • Protects against sunlight
  • Undetectable

Smart Thermostat-Citywide Alarms-Home-Home Security


Smart Thermostat

Save monthly on your energy bills with this integrated technology.

  • Change the temperature throughout the day
  • Smartphone control for Home Security
  • Geo Fencing capabilities

Smart Garage Door at Citywide Alarms Home Security


Smart Garage Door

Never leave your garage open or unsecured again

  • Smartphone control for opening/closing
  • Smart alerts if door is left open
  • Integrates with your security system

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Whether you’re a renter, home owner, small business or disabled resident, Citywide Alarms has the perfect solution to suit all of your needs. Who says you can’t have sophisticated home security equipment for an amazing price? Contact us today for a free estimate!

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Cellular Alarm Technology




Cellular Technology gives an extra level of protection to the homeowner. You no longer have to depend on a landline phone to connect your Alarm System. Cellular alarm will protect you if someone cuts your landline to disable your security system from communicating to the monitoring station. It also gives most homeowners a bigger discount with their homeowners insurance compared to a landline based system.

2-Way Voice Technology




Having 2-Way voice communication in the 2GIG Panel gives the homeowner a more secure solution for their home. It allows you to communicate directly with the monitoring station through the panel. This feature helps cut down on false alarms and also gives most homeowners an extra discount with their homeowners insurance. It also helps give a descriptive analysis to the police, medical, or fire department in case of any emergency.

Wireless Sensor Technology




Wireless communications are a type of data communication that is delivered wirelessly. This term “wireless” incorporates all procedures and forms of connecting and communicating between two or more devices using a wireless signal through wireless communication technologies and devices. Our Wireless technology is the communication between the security sensors in your home to the 2GIG Control Panel.

Smart Alarm Control




Our Smart Home Security Technology is an interactive alarm that is controlled and operated by a smartphone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere. This package gives each homeowner the ability to arm/disarm their alarm system from anywhere in the world. Our system will never allow you to forget to arm your home again with notifications sent straight to your smartphone. Arm your alarm from your bedside with your smartphone before going to sleep.

Smarter Alarm Control




Our Smarter Energy Control Technology gives each homeowner the ability to arm/disarm your alarm remotely from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere. It also gives you the ability to control and monitor your energy usage in your home. By monitoring your HVAC usage and the ability to control your lights helps the average homeowner save around $30 a month. This is our most popular package for homeowners.

Smartest Alarm Control




Our Smartest Video Control Technology gives each homeowner the ability to arm/disarm your alarm remotely from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere. It also gives you the ability to control many home automation features such as: Smart Door Locks, Smart Garage Door, and Smart Thermostat. In addition, you can view your home remotely with our Wireless Cameras that can be installed inside or outside your home.

Smart Garage Door




Our Smart Garage Door Technology gives the homeowner the peace of mind that you will never leave your garage door open again. This technology works with Geo-Services to help keep homeowners’s garage doors closed and their homes more secure. You can set your Smart Garage Door to automatically close when you leave your home. This is one of our most popular features that our homeowners have added to their alarm for extra safety.

Video Verified Technology




Our Video Verified Technology gives the homeowner the best possible level of security available. Citywide Alarms’ image sensors and cameras have the ability to send images & video to monitoring stations for viewing. If an alarm is triggered, you will be contacted and shown the images or video feed. If there is a problem, the monitoring station forwards the video to the police for immediate response. This technology helps eliminate false alarms.

Medical Safety Systems




Safe Medical System – Pendant that you can wear inside your home for medical assistance with a fast response. Safer Medical System – Travel pendant which includes GPS tracking and communicates with 2-Way Voice in case of emergency. Safest Medical System – Travel pendant which includes fall detection technology that notifies the medical emergency response to your location if one was to fall.

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