Renter’s Security

Security Solution
For Any Environment

Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t stay protected! Our solutions feature completely standalone equipment; no permanent installation required.

Renter’s Security

No Damage To Your Walls

Transportable With Moves

Control From Your Phone

Security For Any Environment

Apartments and rental homes don’t always offer built-in security systems. Even if you wanted to have one installed, most of these locations will never allow you to make the changes required for a security system. For the security-conscious renter, this can be a big hassle. Our solutions offer completely standalone equipment; no permanent installations, no running wires through walls.

Renter's Security


Choose the full benefits of an interactive home, including:

  • Interactive home security
  • Home automation
  • Real-time notifications and alerts
  • Remote arm and disarm
  • Video monitoring (including sound) at full mega-pixel HD
  • Remote thermostat management
  • Control of lights, locks, appliances, and entertainment systems, and other connected devices
  • Alarm communication over internet and cellular (no landline phone needed)

All of this, from anywhere in the world, using a single application on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Turn your house into a smarter, simpler home.

Renter's Security

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Don’t wait, get started today! No matter what type of security system you need, Citywide Alarms is here to help.

Instant Action

Unlike traditional technologies whereby end users can wait up to five minutes for home automation devices to respond to a command, our products use true always-on technology to deliver instant action. No longer wait for lights, locks, thermostats, and other connected devices to respond to your commands.

From a Single App

Enjoy an unprecedented level of control over your home. Control all your services-alarms, home automation, and your service account itself—from a single, simple application.

Simple To Customize Simple To Use

You can add new cameras, alarm equipment, and home automation devices to the system yourself, using a simple web interface.
Dozens of different kinds of home automation devices are available for use on our platform. Adding a new home automation device is simple, easily done by homeowners themselves without the need for an extra visit by your alarm provider.

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