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Cameras and Surveillance

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Citywide Alarms offers the industry leading video technology with premium solutions for homeowners and businesses. Whether you’re looking for a brand new surveillance system or an alternative video solution, Citywide Alarms offers cameras with high resolution and infrared night vision. You can view live from any device and set up alerts for any activity.



Security Cameras and Surveillance

Citywide Alarms offers Wireless Security Cameras and IP Hardwired Security Cameras for your Video Needs.

  • Watch live video from your property on your phone, tablet or computer
  • View multiple locations on one screen with HD quality
  • Receive alerts and instant video clips from any motion or activity
  • With cloud and/or DVR storage, you are able to go back and see what happened and when

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Smart Surveillance

View live feed from any device and set up real-time alerts. Contact us today for a free quote on camera solutions in your home or business. 

Video Verified Systems

Cloud Storage For Police Use

Cloud storage ensures that your video recordings are permanently saved which allows our monitoring stations to send your alarm videos to police departments. Police use this evidence and are able to respond promptly, leading to more arrests.

Image Sensor Details

  • Takes a picture during an alarm event
  • Motion sensor and image capturer
  • Mobile and web access
  • Wireless and battery operated
  • Live video snapshots

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