Video Verified Business

The Peace of Mind
You Deserve

Whether you’re looking for a brand new surveillance system, or maybe just looking for an upgrade, Citywide Alarms offers the absolute best quality service. With premium solutions for homeowners and businesses alike, you’ll finally be able to enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.


Video Verified Systems

For your security, verification is especially critical to know whether an alarm is legitimate or not. Police give priority response to video verified alarms, treating them as a crime in progress. This is where our Video Verified System shines. It’s no surprise that so many people choose us for video surveillance and security. With our solutions, you’ll have even more control in the event of an emergency. The security you can afford; the peace of mind you deserve.


See what’s happening at your property in real time, get instant alerts with smart clip capture and never miss a moment with continuous recording. Now it’s easy to check any workspace instantly and see what’s actually happening in the event of an alarm.’s Video Monitoring service offers a best-in-class end-to-end video solution. It includes anytime live streaming, smart clip capture with secure cloud storage, instant video alerts and continuous high definition recording.

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